The annual Kumite Winter Seminar, organized by Bulgarian Kyokushin Association, is held for the fourth year in a row at AquaLife Sport&Hotel complex in early February

2019 Bulgarian Winter Kumite Seminar promises to be special due to its leader – Zenjuro Mori (Japan).

Traditionally, the annual Bulgarian Winter Kumite Seminar held in AquaLife complex is led by world champions. This year its guiding hand is Zenjuro Mori from Japan.
Mori is called “the most creative fighter on the tatami” and “the fighter with the best technique of Kyokushin”. Although inferior in physical power to many of his rivals, Zenjuro is always dangerous for everyone due to his subtle and filigree technique. In addition, his punches are impeccably accurate, so that he beats not just in places, but in points.

The Japanese master moves and strikes variously and variably, breaking the usual patterns. His jumping technique is considered the best in Kyokushin.
At the same time, Zenjuro Mori is continuously improving and developing in technical terms, mastering new combinations and strikes, and setting the direction

for further technical development for all kyokushin karate.

Source:, A. Curtius