The latest news from the AquaLife sports team!

Daren Kirillov, a talented junior swimmer supported by AquaLife Sports&Hotel, became the best among the swimmers of his age (12 years) at international competitions in Romania – Cupa Ligii OPEN, which took place on January 26 – 27, 2019.

Here is the letter that came to our sports department:

“As a sign of respect to the AquaLife complex and in the spirit of the good partnership with Daren Kirilov, who has the honor to be your representative, as well as the correct relations, I am to inform you of the following:

Daren took part in the international tournament Cupa Ligii – OPEN 26 Jan 2019 – 27 Jan 2019 League Cup.
Over 350 participants from 4 countries took part.

Daren presented himself worthy, carrying the Bulgarian flag and representing with pride the team of AquaLife, being the prizer in all four disciplines, including including the cup for the best 12-year-old athlete.

Results of Daren Kirilov:
200 m. back: 02:40:69 – gold
200 m. Butterfly: 02: 44: 21 – Gold
200 m. free style: 02:23:84 – bronze
200 m. coupled swimming: 02:40:64 – gold.”