IDF | International Draughts Federation World Cup 2018 at AquaLife

For more than 5 years AquaLife hosts the World Championships in draughts-64 which takes place in the end of August – beginning of September among juniors, youth, veterans, and national teams.

In 2018 sportsmen of 15 countries participated in the event: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France and Estonia.

Competitions started 26.08 with the opening ceremony attended by a president of International Draughts Federation Vladimir Langin, a president of Bulgarian Draughts Federation Bogdan Yanev, a major of Kranevo Rumen Nikolov. The dance group “Jagger” made an incendiary performance.

As usual there were 3 kinds of tournaments: Personal-team World Youth Championship, World Seniors Championship, World Team’s Championship (among men’s and women’s teams).

Competitions are held with the support of the Foundation for Promotion of Draughts Sports “Russian Draughts”.